Mercedes-Benz C-class

No limit / km Price per day With a limit / km
1 - 4 days 99 $
5 - 14 days 85 $
15 - 30 days 79 $
from 31 days 65 $
Characteristics of cars
8.0 /100 km
Body typesedan
Transmission typeautomat
Engine capacity2.0 л
Fuel typebensin
Interesting information
Car description

Mercedes-Benz C-class – excellent level of comfort and the highest quality
Fourth generation C-class sedan is more massive and impressive dimensions of the car. Though the machine and increased the size of the wheelbase, but from this it does not become heavier. The weight of the car managed to reduce 100 kg thanks to the use of the body structure aluminium and composite materials, steels, hot forming of steels and heavy-duty. This significant simplification in the weight of transport means allowed to make it more economical in terms of fuel consumption, which in turn gave many other benefits.
By increasing the wheelbase of the car increased free space inside, especially this increase will be able to feel the rear seat passengers. Salon of the sedan of C-class, as befits Marche Mercedes Benz, created at the highest technical level of high quality materials. The interior uses wood inserts for a virtually seamless finish from soft leather.
Less weight – more benefits
If you are planning to rent in Kiev sedan S-class', then you need to know what to expect from this car. The Central console is equipped with a colour touch display with two dials on either side of him. Seat the front row have a clear anatomical shape, good side support and a futon cushion in the lumbar. Transmission – semidiaphanous automatic, and its selector is on the steering column. Electromechanical Parking foot brake comfortably controlled by using the key. Due to dvukhsloinoi front Windows in car still good insulation.
Also the car is equipped with climate control, which is adjusted in accordance with GPS data. So, going into the tunnel, the system will automatically start the recirculated air mode. In addition to the interior space, the developers of the Mercedes C-class ' has also increased, and trunk, impressive 481 l of useful volume will allow shipping time for large amount of cargo. In the exterior it clearly, boldly, gracefully. Class car is easily recognizable by the characteristic aerodynamic profile with a flowing roofline and a long sloping hood. In the rear all the optics has led "filling". 
Sedan Mercedes-Benz C-class air suspension that automatically adjusts ride height depending on speed and load of the car.The list of security systems and electronic assistants is quite impressive:
 adaptive cruise control, which allows you to automatically keep the car in the right lane,
 frontal collision avoidance system, which operates at speeds up to 200 km / h,
 video surveillance system,
 electronic parking assistants,
 recognition system for the installed child seat in the front passenger seat, which will disable the airbag,
 The Intelligent Light System lighting control system is responsible for the review in accordance with road conditions (it itself switches the headlights from high to low and back),
 adaptive emergency braking system BAS Plus,
 Pre-Safe brake system.
 When such a smart army of systems and all kinds of electronics is on guard for the safety of Mercedes-Benz passengers, you don’t have to worry.  To rent such a car in Kiev means to reduce the risks of unpleasant situations and increase the chances of having a good time driving the charismatic Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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