Peugeot 206 cc

With deposit Price per day Bail-free
1 - 4 days 66 $
5 - 14 days 60 $
15 - 30 days 55 $
from 31 days 49 $
Characteristics of cars
6.4 /100 km
Transmission typeautomat
Engine capacity1.6 л
Fuel typebensin
Interesting information
Car description

Peugeot 206 coupe cabriolet immediately attracts attention on the road and provokes many admiring glances. Smooth and sometimes suddenly breaking body lines emphasize the identity of the car. The main raision Peugeot 206 SS is a rigid folding roof. In a raised form it is not at all an easy awning, but a full-fledged power element of the body. And when you want to enjoy the breeze again you can easily fold the roof into the trunk. Renting a Peugeot 206 SS will allow you to feel like a king on any road. This car is ideal for a romantic date, for an official ceremony, prom or other special occasion.

It is worth noting that a spectacular appearance is not the only advantage of the model. This machine will impress you with its agility and maneuverability. Thanks to its compact size you can easily get through city traffic streams. Economical and reliable engine, excellent handling, excellent aerodynamics - additional arguments in favor of this particular car.

Rent a Peugeot 206 SS will leave in your memory the most vivid and unforgettable experience!


Понравилось, что машина компактная, отличная аэродинамика. Пришлось маневрировать с нею по городским пробкам. Благодарна салону SVcar за лояльное отношение: помогли выбрать авто, подробно объяснили условия аренды, предложили экономный вариант.


Ребяяята, это такааая машина! Брали с подружкой на три дня покататься по делам. Чуть ли не дрались за то, кто будет за рулем. Система управления автомат, удобная панель, все отлично. И цена, как для такой машинки, доступная.