BMW 520

With deposit Price per day Bail-free
1 - 4 days 139 $
5 - 14 days 125 $
15 - 30 days 110 $
from 31 days 96 $
Characteristics of cars
6 /100 km
Transmission typeautomat
Engine capacity2.0 л
Fuel typebensin
Interesting information
Car description

BMW 520 rental
BMW cars do not need to be introduced. Each model of this brand is a guaranteed quality and prestige.
Reliability, safety, excellent handling - these are the characteristics that are basic to this car. In addition, the car will impress you with its dynamics and high traffic. Excellent maneuverability will allow you to keep up with all the meetings and cope with a lot of things at different points in the city and beyond. A solid appearance of the sedan will increase your authority both in the eyes of business partners and in the eyes of the opposite sex.
Inside the cabin you will feel comfortable and protected. Every detail claims the high technology of the vehicle and emphasizes a high level of comfort. Soft plastic and aluminum inserts, comfortable sectional seats - everything is created in order to give you and passengers maximum pleasure from travel.
Renting a BMW 520 is the right choice for business people, as well as for those who value truly high-quality cars and are not used to being content with little. This versatile sedan will become your faithful assistant in opening new horizons and overcoming new roads.


Всегда уважал тех, кто качественно делает свою работу. С SVCAR сотрудничаю не первый год, потому что тут сервис всегда на высоком уровне. Нужное авто подберут, все расскажут и покажут, дадут протестировать, помогут настроить под себя – красота!


Хотел бы отметить хорошую управляемость этой модели. Езжу, вроде, аккуратно, но на дороге всякое бывает. Буквально перед тем, как вернуть авто в салон, чуть не попал в аварию, но успел вырулить и сманеврировать. Отзывчивая система управления и качественные тормоза – основные преимущества БМВ 520.