Nissan Teana

With deposit Price per day Bail-free
1 - 4 days 91 $
5 - 14 days 85 $
15 - 30 days 77 $
from 31 days 72 $
Characteristics of cars
10.2 /100 km
Transmission typeautomat
Engine capacity2.5 л
Fuel typebensin
Interesting information
Car description

NissanTeana rental is a great option for a executive car rental which compares favorably with its “classmates”.

Thanks to the elegant appearance, which reads the inner dignity the car will add to your prestige and respectability in the eyes of others. Inside you will feel extraordinarily comfortable. Perfect sound insulation and multi-link suspension provide a soft quiet and pleasant ride. The classic interior design is made with taste and dignity. “Intelligent luxury” is the combination that characterizes the NissanTeana. Driving a car is a real pleasure thanks to a convenient navigation panel and modern electronics. In addition this tool will appeal to you with excellent dynamics and excellent driving characteristics.

NissanTeana Rental is most often the choice of business people who need a vehicle to travel to business meetings important conferences and other business events. However, Teana is equally suitable for family trips, romantic dates, festive celebrations or just for a daily ride.


Брал Ниссан Тиана на десять дней. Состояние автомобиля хорошее, не заметил никаких неисправностей, хотя ездил практически без остановки. Много ест топлива, не без этого. Но в целом доволен и машиной, и работой ребят из салона. Буду обращаться еще.


В этой машине комфортно быть как водителем, так и пассажиром. Крутая современная электроника и очень удобная панель управления. Цена радует. Если брать под залог и надолго, то стоимость за день снижается почти в половину. По-моему, условия аренды выгодные.