Seat Ibiza

No limit / km Price per day With a limit / km
1 - 4 days 27 $
5 - 14 days 25 $
15 - 30 days 22 $
from 31 days 19 $
Characteristics of cars
5,5 /100 km
Transmission typemechanics
Engine capacity1.0 л
Fuel typebensin
Interesting information
Car description

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The name of this car named after the popular resort, promises you a lot of exciting adventures and driving pleasure.
Seat Ibiza rental is especially popular among young people and female drivers. A pleasant “soft” appearance at first sight inspires confidence. This impression is not misleading: Ibiza demonstrates an excellent level of reliability, safety and practicality. However, men, no doubt, will be able to appreciate all the many advantages of this machine.
Thanks to its compact forms this “baby” feels very organically even on narrow city streets. The “light” steering wheel and clarity of reactions will make you fall in love with this car once and for all. A distinctive feature of "Ibiza" is the red illumination of devices that attracts the eye.
Another nice point is the excellent sound insulation. Both the driver and passengers will be able to note the absence of annoying sounds inside the car. The climate control system in turn will make sure that the cabin always has “good weather”.
It should be added that Seat Ibiza is a vivid example of high-quality German engineering: reference controllability, high-quality ergonomics, excellent dynamics and healthy pragmatism are harmoniously combined in this car. And all this pleasure at a very reasonable price.
Rental Seat Ibiza will surely only give you a positive experience.


У самого авто есть, брал перед Новым годом на фирму в командировку, хорошо рулится, на удивление держит хорошо дорогу на трассе. Дешевенький пластик, машинка для двоих. Еще в минус авто било на колёсах с боковыми порезами и нулями- ощутимо на трассе. Твёрдая 4.


Срочно понадобилась машина с водителем. SVcar – единственный салон, который смог предоставить такую услугу буквально за час после звонка. Сработали быстро, качественно и недорого. Ставлю пятерку.


Крутая тачка для большой компании. Брали на длительный срок, цена получилась вообще замечательная. Ездили на ней путешествовать. Ласточка в отличном состоянии, никаких проблем не возникало.