Skoda Rapid

No limit / km Price per day With a limit / km
1 - 4 days 39 $
5 - 14 days 35 $
15 - 30 days 29 $
from 31 days 25 $
Characteristics of cars
5.2 /100 km
Transmission typeautomat
Engine capacity1.6 л
Fuel typebensin
Interesting information
Car description

Skoda Rapid is an original model that looks like a sedan but is a hatchback. The model is equipped with five doors which increases its functionality.

Ergonomic design allows you to customize the car for yourself, so if you rent a Skoda Rapid in Kyiv you can not worry about comfort. The steering column and seats have a wide range of adjustment, and the pillows have an optimal length. In addition, the seats perfectly distribute the load. Sufficient space is provided for rear seat passengers. The sofa is flat and comfortable.

A distinctive feature of the Skoda Rapid was the luggage compartment volume - 550 liters. Renting a Skoda Rapid in Kyiv is possible for traveling long distances with lots of luggage. There are nets and additional niches.

Auto shows itself at high speeds on rough roads. At the helm there is an electro-hydraulic amplifier. Skoda Rapid is rented in Kyiv by those who first of all value good sound insulation and aerodynamics. It is possible to install a special package for bad roads with a large clearance to ensure safety and comfort.


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