SYM Symphony SR 150

No limit / km Price per day With a limit / km
1 - 4 days 20 $
5 - 14 days 20 $
15 - 30 days 15 $
from 31 days 15 $
Characteristics of cars
/100 km
Transmission typeautomat
Engine capacity150 л
Fuel typebensin
Interesting information
Car description

SYM Symphony SR 150 made in Taiwan
Dream about convenient, stylish, economical and powerful scooter for a comfortable ride around the city or off-road? SV CAR  company present to you the SYM Symphony SR 150 scooter. This model has an attractive, modern appearance, which, of course, is suitable for absolutely all age categories. SYM Symphony SR 150 - Taiwanese with European quality. It is produced at the SYM plant (San Yang Motor), better known in our country thanks to the Hyundai company, of which it is a co-owner. This model is equipped with 16-inch wheels, two shock absorbers on the rear wheel and a telescopic fork on the front wheel, which makes your ride on the SYM Symphony SR 150 as comfortable as possible on any road. Safety is thought out to the smallest detail, because disc brakes are installed on both wheels. This scooter is equipped with a 4-stroke 150 cc engine. Has a power of 10 hp SYM Symphony SR 150 has a halogen headlight that allows you to have high-quality road lighting at any time of the day. Built-in direction indicators in plastic make the “look” elegant and aggressive at the same time. Thanks to the automatic transmission control of this scooter will be easily accessible to girls. Sym Symphony SR 150 is very economical because it has a flow rate of 3.5 liters per 100 km during normal and proper operation. And the presence of a fuel tank with a volume of 5.5 liters will allow you to not worry about frequent refueling in urban driving conditions. If you are worried that your equipment can be stolen then SYM designers and engineers have thought out the anti-theft engine shutdown button, which is located under the seat.


В SVcar обратился по рекомендации товарища. Решил вспомнить молодость и покататься на мотоцикле. Парень из салона посоветовал модель Симфони. Меня устроила и цена, и сам мотоцикл. Спасибо большое.


Трижды арендовал разные мотоциклы в SVcar. Симфони пока в фаворитах. Мне нравится, что цена проката доступная, поэтому я могу без проблем брать разные модели на пробу. При этом не нужно возиться с ТО, каким-то ремонтом. Вся техника в отличном состоянии.